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Sounds great - but only from the next room.

Not long ago, I bought a recent pressing of a recording titled, "Back to Back - Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges Play the Blues". In addition to Ellington and Hodges, it features Sweets Edison and Leslie Spann on trumpet and guitar, playing half a dozen blues standards. The pressing is very good and the treatments of tunes like Beale Street, and Weary Blues are first rate - provided you listen from an adjoining room.

The original recording was, I'm guessing, made in the late 50's or early 60's and the stereo separation was grossly overdone. The listener's perspective is that of the rhythm section with Ellington, Spann, and Hodges on the extreme right, and Edison alone on the far left. Only the bass and drums live in both channels.

Thinking how much better a mono presentation would have sounded, I decided to write the record off to Redbook format and try to mix it down. That was a lesson in humility. Given the mix I have to begin with, I've decided that it can't be done. But maybe I'm the weak link. Maybe some of you who are more clever than I have an approach which I might use to get rid of the annoying imaging. Any suggestions ?

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Re: Sounds great - but only from the next room.

You could always try moving your speakers to about 1 foot apart

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Re: Sounds great - but only from the next room.

This won't be an ideal solution, but, if you take the + lead from the left channel, and the + lead from the right channel, and hook those + leads up to a speaker in the center, you'll get a cancellation of anything common to both channels (which would appear to be the rhythm section if the info is exactly the same) and the unique info in the left and right channels will be summed, giving you an approximation of mono.

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Re: Sounds great - but only from the next room.

Back to Back, like its companion album Side By Side was recorded in stereo IIRC in the late '50s (1959 or so). I've heard it sound pretty freaking incredible, although not on CD, which was pretty poor as I recall. Acoustic Sounds has a pretty good LP, again if my meory serves me well,

B2B and SXS are great late Ellingtonia, with Hodges deeply digging into the blues. These records, like the great Hodges "Castle Rock" are fantastic '50s danceable blues/jazz.

Sorry to hear you've run into a trabsfer that dilutes that.

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