The Sound Organisation: Rega & Dali

Speaking of affordable, high-quality audio, The Sound Organisation was showing Rega’s new Fono Mini moving-magnet phono stage with USB output ($175). I want one.

Sources were Rega’s sweet RP3 turntable with Elys cartridge ($1095; see Mikey Fremer’s review in December) and old-school Apolla CD player ($995). Rega’s DAC ($995; see our reviews in the May and October issues) and the new 50Wpc Brio-R integrated amplifier ($895; see Sam Tellig’s review in December) also got in on the fun.

I listened to the new Dali Zensor 1 loudspeakers ($475/pair), as well as the great-looking Dali Fazon F5 ($4495/pair), which first caught Rosemarie’s eye in Munich. The sound was smooth, rich, compelling, and totally affordable—just the way I like it.

tom collins's picture

dali speakers are very under represented in the audio press, but we owners love them.

richandy's picture

Stephen, please do a review of the Zensor 1.

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cool MegaLine III aficionado, here.  I delight that The Sound Organisation represents DALI in the U.S.  Bravo for your support of DALI products!

Very best regards,

Sam Lucero

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