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Someone just gave me a vintage McIntosh C-28 pre/amp!!!!

Was today my lucky day or what? The C-28 is in pristine condition, I would rate it 9/10 cosmetically. It hasn't been used in years so sonically I don't know yet. My stereo guru said it was & still is a stellar pre-amp. I'm taking it to him for the once over. I'll definitely hook it up in my system to see how it sounds. Then I'll decide whether or not to sell it. Any of you guys have any comments about this particular pre-amp? I called McIntosh w/ the serial # & they said it was produced in the mid to late seventies. From what I can gather re-sell can be upwards of $ 800. This will be a interesting call. What do you think?

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Re: Someone just gave me a vintage McIntosh C-28 pre/amp!!!!

Sounds like you got a bonafide bargin.

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