The Silverman Concert The Music

Sidebar 1: Concert: The Music

Robert Silverman, Recorded Live in Concert

Concert: CD 1
Robert Schumann: Sonata No.3 in f, Op.14 ("Concerto Without Orchestra")
Allegro brillante
Scherzo 1: Molto commodo
Scherzo 2: Vivacissimo
Quasi Variazoni: Andantino de Clara Wieck
Prestissimo possibile

J.S. Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book One
Prelude in e-flat
Fugue in d-sharp
Prelude in E-flat
Fugue in E-flat

Concert: CD 2
Franz Schubert: Six Moments Musicaux, D.780
No.1 in C
No.2 in A-flat
No.3 in f
No.4 in c-sharp
No.5 in f
No.6 in A-flat

Frédéric Chopin: Barcarolle, Op.60
Scherzo No.3 in c-sharp, Op.39
Waltz in c-sharp, Op.64 No.2

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