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Silver VS Copper VS Blend

I know this will likely start a bit of a debate but I have been trying to understand what the sonic benefits are to switching from copper to Silver cables. I've read that there are benefits to the high frequency but that you lose the low end extension. 

Haven't had a chance to try it on my setup, but wanted to get the thoughts of a few people that have made the upgrade.


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Silver vs copper

I spent years trying various cable configurations to make my own cables.

I made a number of cables from silver cable of various types that I was able to get at a wire wholesaler that had aerospace suplus cable.

The results varied all over the place, but I was never able to identify any difference between copper and silver per se.

The differences were much more significant due to various physical configurations of the conductors.

The best I found were where the cable had two inner conductors with a shield, and I used the two inner conductors for the signal and "floated" the shieild ( only connected it to gound at one end).

IMO the idea that silver VS copper would have any effect on low frequencies or high frequencies is absolute nonsense.

Of course, all of this is in reference to unbalanced (RCA) cables.

You can make 100 different Balanced cables fron almost any shielded balanced cable stock, and the result will be perfect every time.

That is why my system is almost all balanced now.

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I'm not a fan of silver cables

In my limited experience with Kimber's Silver Streak, I found it to be siblance enhancing with popular recordings and too annoying to enjoy for any length of time. I also have an old AQ Lapis IC that introduced a similar character that I just couldn't live with in the long run. They both had really good low frequency punch and articulation, but unless you want to hear what your recordings actually sound like, (Heh!) you just might find that trying to tune your system for poorly recorded music is a circle without an off ramp. On the other hand, if your music tends to be mostly well recorded works by good engineers, you might have a greater appreciation for the sizzle of the silver.

Allen Fant
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Check out Silent Source

Check out Silent Source cables/cords.

michael green
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good ears

Great ears guys! You have to be pretty careful with some of the materials used in the system. Silver definitely tilts up. And, when it does you have to offset it somewhere else in the system. My favorite cable to work with is 22 guage solid core basic copper, with a PVC jacket. There are different thoughts on this of course, but for an easy to live with full range cable this is a good place to start. I do a heat treatment on mine, but there are a few different things to do to change the flavor.

michael green

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