Revel Salon loudspeaker Measurements 2

Fig.4 shows the Salon's quasi-anechoic response, averaged across a 30 degrees horizontal window on the tweeter axis and spliced to the complex sum of the responses of the lower-frequency units below 300Hz. Under these conditions, the speaker's bass extension just fails to reach 20Hz, by a hertz or so. In a room, as LG found, the Salon will descend below 20Hz. There appears to be a slight lumpiness in the lower-bass/upper-bass integration region, but, again, this could well be a measurement artifact. (Calculating the true LF response of such a complicated speaker involves quite a lot of what engineers call "handwaving.") The speaker is astonishingly flat throughout the midrange, though there is a very slight lack of presence-region energy on-axis. Whether or not this will be perceived as adding a laid-back quality to the Salon's balance will depend on its off-axis behavior (see later).

Fig.4 Revel Salon, anechoic response on tweeter axis at 50", averaged across 30 degrees horizontal window and corrected for microphone response, with complex sum of the nearfield woofer, midrange, and port responses plotted below 300Hz.

Fig.5 shows the differences in the Salon's on-axis response due to the tweeter-level control being set to its "±1" positions. This can be seen to shelve the tweeter range up or down by almost exactly 1dB.

Fig.5 Revel Salon, effect of front-tweeter level control, set to "±1" and normalized to the HF-axis response (5dB/vertical div.).

When you look at the way in which the Salon's response changes to the sides of the tweeter axis (fig.6), you can see that there is a slight off-axis flare in the exact region between 3kHz and 4kHz where there is also a slight suckout on-axis. In normal-sized rooms and at normal listening distances, the Salon's perceived balance should be flat.

Fig.6 Revel Salon, lateral response family at 50", normalized to response on tweeter axis, from back to front: differences in response 90 degrees-5 degrees off-axis; reference response; differences in response 5 degrees-90 degrees off-axis..

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These abominations are some of the worst speakers i have ever heard. That they are sold, let alone that the 'manufacturer' asks $15,000 per pair for theses abominations, is an insult to the human race.

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Are you experiencing hearing problems? Probably the best speakers in the world!

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These abominations sound like crap.

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When and where did you hear these? What is your favourite speaker system?