Rega DAC D/A processor Manufacturer's Comments

Manufacturer's Comments

Editor: Thank you for letting us reply to your revisiting of the Rega DAC, which was largely brought about by the overt and unwarranted criticism leveled at our design methodology by another manufacturer that you were happy to publish without inviting a similar privilege of reply.

I also understand that you agreed, via Steve Daniels at The Sound Organisation, our US distributor, to speak with Roy Gandy (Rega's owner) regarding matters arising, but that call never materialized.

I do not intend to resurrect the asynchronous debate, nor is it Rega's ethos to comment publicly about any other manufacturer, its products, or its design philosophy, so all comments will be strictly directed at the bizarrely schizophrenic review.

It appears that Sam [Tellig] loved the DAC; John Atkinson was less positive. Charles [Hansen] criticized the USB input, but John says it is "well sorted." Jon [Iverson] and Sam described the low frequencies as exaggerated, but John [Atkinson]'s measurements show a flat response to below 20Hz. Paul Miller from Hi-Fi News is dragged in to support this, which is strange; as far as I am aware, he has never had the product for consideration.

What, dear reader, are you to conclude from this?

Subjectivism sucks, and so, it would appear, does objectivism.

Might I suggest that your own ears be the judge, and invite you to compare the Rega DAC with other manufacturers' products costing significantly more, and hope that you agree with thousands of customers and numerous publications worldwide that think that the Rega DAC offers exceptional performance for relatively little outlay?

Let me know your thoughts.—Paul Darwin, UK Sales Coordinator, Rega Research

I urge readers interested in the Rega DAC to contact Mr. Darwin with their thoughts. But to clarify one point: While Steve Daniels did indeed urge me to talk to Rega's Paul Gandy about our coverage of the Rega DAC, I wasn't sure what purpose this would serve. In the end, I felt it sufficient to let Sam's and Jon's findings, as well as my measurements, speak for themselves.John Atkinson

Rega Research, Ltd.
US distributor: Sound Organisation
159 Leslie Street
Dallas, TX 75238
(972) 234-0182
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