Reference 3a Royal Master Control loudspeaker Specifications

Sidebar: Specifications

Description: Two-way stand-mounted loudspeaker. Driver complement: one soft-dome tweeter, one Hyper-Exponential 8" woven carbon-fiber–cone woofer/midrange driver. Crossover: impedance-compensated slow-rate–type high-pass, –3dB at 3kHz; no low-pass, the woofer/midrange rolls off naturally from 3kHz to 10kHz at 6dB/octave. Frequency response: 44Hz–20kHz, –3dB. Sensitivity: 92dB/W/m. Nominal impedance 8 ohms (6 ohms minimum). Amplifier requirements: Maximum 100W RMS.
Dimensions: 15¾" H by 12¼" W by 12½" D, sloping to 15.375" D. Weight: 60 lbs each.
Serial numbers of units reviewed: n/a.
Price: $4200–$4500/pair plus $790 for dedicated stands (1996); no longer available (2013). Approximate number of dealers: 10.
Manufacturer: Reference 3A Designs, Switzerland. Importer/distributor: Fanfare International, New York, NY 10162 (1996). Reference 3A, 480 Bridge Street W, Waterloo, Ontario, N2K 1L4, Canada. Tel: (519) 749-1565 (2013). Web:

Reference 3A
480 Bridge Street W
Waterloo, Ontario, N2K 1L4
(519) 749-1565
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volvic's picture

One of the finest monitors ever made, was a poor student back then and couldn't affored them, almost overnight the price jumped up and they were out of my price bracket.  One of the best.  

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