Quad Reference ESL-2805 loudspeaker Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Full-range, floorstanding, electrostatic loudspeaker. Membrane: ultra-low-mass (0.5gm), tensioned, split into 4 elements. Frequency response: 37Hz–21kHz, –6dB. Sensitivity: 86dB/2.83V/m. Nominal impedance: 8 ohms (4–15 ohms variation). Rated input level: 10V; program peak for undistorted output, 40V; permitted peak input, 55V. Distortion at 100dB at 1m: 1.0%, 50–100Hz; 0.5%, 100Hz–1kHz; 0.15%, >1kHz. Operating supply voltages: 110–120V AC; 220–240V AC.
Dimensions: 41" (1040mm) H (plus feet) by 27.4" (695mm) W by 15.2" (385mm) D. Weight: 76.6 lbs (34.8kg) net, 91.5 lbs (41.6kg) shipping.
Finish: Lancaster Grey, uprights and tensioning rod; gloss black, top panel and base; black cloth grilles.
Serial Numbers of Units Reviewed: 001349, 001350.
Price: $10,000/pair. Approximate number of dealers: 34.
Manufacturer: Quad Electroacoustics Ltd., IAG House, Sovereign Court, Ermine Business Park, Huntingdon PE29 6XU, England, UK. Tel: (44) (0)1480-447700. Web: www.quad-hifi.co.uk. US distributor: Taiga LLC, 310 Tosca Drive, Stoughton, MA 02072-1516. Tel: (781) 341-1234. Fax: (781) 341-1228. Web: www.taigallc.com.

Quad Electroacoustics Ltd.
US distributor: Taiga LLC
310 Tosca Drive
Stoughton, MA 02072-1516
(781) 341-1234
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