Positive Hospitality

More than Carol Clark's smiles were flowing in the Positive Feedback Online Hospitality Suite on the third floor. You could smell the spirits in the entryway, even before you got close enough to feel the positive spirit. I wish I could have stayed more than 90 seconds. But I doubt you would have gotten many more blogs out of this very light drinker if I had.
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soulful.terrain's picture
Stereos and Spirits....



...what a beautiful combo. ;-)

defgibbon's picture
Hospitality abounds

I enjoyed a generous slug of very nice bourbon there. Very hospitible if you ask me.

c_clark_pfo's picture
Thanks for coming by!

Wish you could have stayed longer Jason! And that is the lovely Lila Ritsema, David Robinson's other half, in the picture with me :)

Pro-Audio-Tech's picture
Great people

Nice people and great booze, what's not to like. They get my vote as best room to drink in.

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