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Please help! Bass reaction difference between my two speakers..

I've also asked this question in an other popular forum but i want to get all kind of help before i do something.

I've just purchased a pair of Wharfedale 10.7 speakers.I feed them with a Denon PMA-500AE and a Denon DCD-510AE.I'm very satisfied with the system.I recognized something today and it confused me.I was testing the speakers with the song "Bass i love you" and when the low frequencies hit on the speakers i saw that the low woofer on the right moves in and out but the one on the left does nothing.It just vibrates a little bit.And it seems like the speakers have a little volume difference.Or maybe i hear it that way.Is this because the track recorded that way or may there be a problem with my speakers? I've watched some youtube videos and saw that both speaker woofers react the same way.I bought mine 2nd hand with warranty and receipt.They're like never been used brand new speakers.This makes me uncomfortable.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks.

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Swap the cables around

2 related but separate, easy things to do:

1.  Make sure you hooked up the speaker cables "in phase".  E.g., if red goes to + on the right speaker, make sure that the left speaker is hooked up the same way.  If they're not wired in phase, then correct it, and you have fixed your problem.

2.  It could be that particular track has much more volume on the right channel.  It is stereo, after all, so it's correct to have differences between the two channels.  But anyway, swap the cables (connect right cable to left speaker, and left cable to right speaker) (and of course, preserve proper polarity like in #1 above). 

If your problem switches sides, then you know that the difference you hear is coming from the music (or somewhere upstream from your speakers, whether it is the music or the amp or whatever).

If your problem does NOT switch sides, then it is a speaker issue.  Use your warranty.

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Last seen: 4 years 9 months ago
Joined: May 15 2011 - 10:51am
i've switched the

i've switched the channels.same thing happened.again the right woofer reacted well moving in and out but he left one didn't do anything.just vibrating a little bit.i think this is a factory defect.

Would it be appropriate if i contact the dealer and tell them to replace the left speaker instead of fixing it.Because i've purchased them only one month ago.Do you think that they may accept this? I'm asking because i don't know about the procedures.

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If you swapped the cables and got the same result

then wouldn't that suggest that it is not the speakers, but either the program material or the Denon PMA-500AE?

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