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paradigm vs mirage

hi there,
does anybody know how paradigm studio 100v5 compares to mirage omd28?
i like how the paradigms sound but never heard omd28. im considering getting one or the other. anybody has any ideas? thanks

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Listen to both...

and you might have your answer.

Retro Pauper
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  Solid advice but easier


Solid advice but easier said than done, depending on where one lives. I have listened to both the Mirage and an older version (v.4, I believe) of the Studio 100 extensively, although not for a couple of years. They both have good bass extension, a subjectively flat/accurate response in the midrange, and, to my ears, a slightly exaggerated top end. (The last attribute is one I think is shared by about half the speakers on the market today, so take my characterization with a grain of salt.) I'd say the Paradigms have the overall edge in the bass and possibly are a little more transparent. 


The biggest difference, predictably, is in the soundstaging. The Mirages throw a deeper soundstage and sound nicely spacious (although I was surprised to note they still have something of a sweet spot). The Paradigms are capable of much more precise imaging but don't sound as spacious. 


If you're not familiar with Mirage's "omnipolar" design, you really should make every effort to audition them before purchase; what they do, they do well, but they're not for everyone. The Studio 100s are much more traditional speakers that are unlikely to surprise you in any way, except perhaps at how good they are at the price. The choice really comes down to what's most important to you in a pair of speakers.

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Last seen: 4 years 4 months ago
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thanks for the advice. I live

thanks for the advice. I live in Australia and unfortunately have no possibility to listen to Mirage except for  the MX because  they just dont sell them here. that's a shame because I  just love the omnipolar design. If anyone lives in Sydney and has Mirage OMD 28 or something similar please  let me know:)  thanks again for the comments

Allen Fant
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IME, the Paradigm sounds

IME, the Paradigm sounds better.

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