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New system - comments wanted

I am upgrading our stereo system and am venturing into "high-end" components for the first time. Would appreciate any and all comments. Am looking at purchasing the following:

Paradigm Signature S8 speakers
Marantz PM-11S1 or PM-15S1 integrated amp
Marantz SA-11S2 or SA-15S1 CD\SACD player
Marantz ST7001 AM\FM tuner

Cambridge Audio Azur 840A integrated amp
Cambridge Audio Azur 840C cd player (not SACD)
Cambridge Audio Azur 640T tuner

Planning to bi-wire the speakers. Not sure if this impacts amplifier decision.

Jan Vigne
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Re: New system - comments wanted

Unless you already own a fair number of SACD's, I would consider what is available to buy in the music you prefer before committing to SACD players. The sound is quite good in most cases but the discs are not widely available and many are reissues of older recordings. Not everyone is interested in buying their fifth copy of "Dark Side of the Moon".

How much do you listen to the tuner through your audio system? If the answer is not much or only as background, you might reconsider the tuner in either system.

Have you heard either of these systems put together?

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Re: New system - comments wanted

I can't imagine not having a radio tuner. For me that is an essential piece of equipment. It may not be part of the hi-fi listening experience, but I prefer to listen to the radio through my stereo system than through any one of several convenience radios I have elsewhere in the house (bedroom, darkroom, garage).

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Re: New system - comments wanted

Get a "universal" player. SACD DVD-A, what is available smokes everything else. Over 4,000 titles on them, not anything like the Cd titles, but still lotsa music on em, SACD, DVD-A, makes CD sound prety poor.

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Re: New system - comments wanted

Get a "universal" player.

Any recommendations...for a $1,000 or under.

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