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Musical Fidelity vs. Benchmark DAC/USB

I am planning to purchase a DAC/USB/headphone amp to upgrade my modest CD player (Sony NS999ES), improve the sound of hi-res music stored on my iMac and played through my stereo, and set up a nice headphone capability. I was set to purchase the Benchmark DAC1 HDR when I saw Sam's review of the Musical Fidelity M1 DAC and M1-HPA.

Can anyone enlighten me on the differences in sound quality between these two sets of products?

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I am interested in the two

I am interested in the two DAC too. I already have a headphone amp - solo, so I prefer M1 DAC.

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I have never heard the Music

I have never heard the Music Fidelity BUT I cannot say enough good about the Benchmark DAC, and the company (got my used one updated to today's specs at a very reasonable price and in less than 2 weeks)

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I have owned a benchmark DAC

I have owned a benchmark DAC 1 for over a year. I use it daily. Once I hooked it up I had zero desire to upgrade my DAC. Done. However, if I was buying a new DAC today I'd try the MF M1 before the benchmark simply due to price. The M1 has impressive specs, looks the business, and cost half what the benchmark (USB version) costs. No brainer IMO.