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Little Dot 2 Headphone Amp

My friend is selling his Little Dot 2 headphone amp, anyone of you heard of this amp? I've been a while as an avid audio enthusiast but never heard of this & what the heck he's just selling it for $80, might as well buy it anyway.

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Re: Little Dot 2 Headphone Amp

You'll find a wealth of info using google .... type : "little dot 2" headphone amp .

I've read there have been some quality control issue with past models, so I'd be cautious buying a used one. It depends on how well you know your "friend" .

Ask yourself if this is something you really want, or is it just because you think you may be getting a "deal" . There are plenty of good headphone amps available, and depending on your headphones and usage, you may not even need one.

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