Listening #127 List of the Month

Sidebar: List of the Month

Stink on Paper: 10 Awful Books about Music.

Donovan Leitch: Hurdy-Gurdy Man. The innocence of his music makes the self-inflation in Donovan's autobiography all the more jarring.
Stephen Davis: The Hammer of the Gods. An entertaining examination of Led Zeppelin, but apparently without basis in fact.
Robert Christgau: Grown Up All Wrong. An unwitting parody of the self-consciously hip rock critic at his worst.
Philip Hart: Fritz Reiner: A Biography. A sinfully dull, unrevealing book about a giant of 20th-century music.
Geoffrey Giuliano: The Beatles: A Celebration. Observations by a Beatles fan and former Ronald McDonald.
Pattie Boyd: Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Me. The lightest of the lightweight rock memoirs.
Greil Marcus: Invisible Republic. Thick, dull sap that could've been boiled down to a 1000-word essay.
Johnny Sharp: Crap Lyrics. No writer this lame should risk writing a book with Crap in the title.
Bob Dylan: Tarantula. Twaddle.
Albert Goldman: The Lives of John Lennon. The fevered, libelous fantasies of an author who appears to have disliked music.

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