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Most rock-band reunions are the proverbial eggs that shouldn't be cooked. The five original members of the Byrds shouldn't have made the awful Byrds in 1972. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young shouldn't have made the awful Looking Forward in 1999, with its awful hippie-baby cover photo. The surviving members of the Who shouldn't have played that awful Super Bowl half-time show in 2010. And every time someone mentions the possibility of a reunion of the Smiths, God kills a kitten.

But there have been exceptions—seven, in fact. Here are the greatest rock reunions of all time, listed alongside each exemplary latter-day concert appearance or record release. These are presented in no particular order—although, if pressed, I would point to the new album by the dB's as singularly great: It stands alongside the best of that band's early work.

1) The dB's, Falling Off the Sky (2012)
2) The Bonzo Dog Band, Let's Make Up and Be Friendly (1971)
3) Mott the Hoople, five-night stand at the Hammersmith Odeon, London (2009)
4) The Pixies, concert tour (2004)
5) The Band, Jericho (1993)
6) Big Star, In Space (2005)
7) Led Zeppelin, Ahmet Ertegun tribute concert (2007)

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