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Sidebar 2: Contacts

Line Magnetic Audio Co. Ltd., 4th Floor, Building No.2, Ping Xi Road No.6, Nanping Industry Park, Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China. Tel: (86) 0756-3911927. Fax: (86) 0756-3911933 US distributor: Tone Imports: Web:

Oswalds Mill Audio. Web:

soulful.terrain's picture

The cabinetry of those speakers are Beautiful. Nice article Art.

Maki-e's picture

Bravo! Keep 'em comin'.

Nagrapex's picture

I was surprised to see these cabinets. Have a look at these, which my father imported from the Utopia Instrument Company (Japan) more than 20 years ago:

The were inspired by this original Jensen design:

The venting system was developed by Mr. Maekawa, the president and designer at Utopia. I am not sure if Line Magnetics is contracting with Utopia to make these cabinets for them or if these are a copy, but I thought someone might be interested in seeing the lineage.

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