Listening #115 List of the Month

Sidebar: List of the Month

The 12 most questionable Grammy Awards of the past quarter-century, from the merely ponderous to the thunderously stupefying:

1) Alan Menken and Tim Rice, Song of the Year, 1993: "A Whole New World"
2) Amy Winehouse, Song of the Year, 2007: "Rehab"
3) Eric Clapton, Record of the Year, 1996: "Change the World"
4) Celine Dion, Record of the Year, 1998: "My Heart Will Go On"
5) Joe Jackson, Best Pop Instrumental Album, 2000: Symphony No.1
6) Alanis Morissette, Best Rock Album, 1995: Jagged Little Pill
7) Julie Gold, Song of the Year, 1990: "From a Distance"
8) M.C. Hammer, Best Rap Performance by a Duo or a Group, 1990: "U Can't Touch This"
9) Baha Men, Best Dance Recording, 2000: "Who Let the Dogs Out"
10) Slayer, Best Metal Performance, 2006: "Eyes of the Insane"
11) Brian Wilson, Best Rock Instrumental Performance, 2004: "Mrs. O'Leary's Cow"
12) Jethro Tull, Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance, 1988: Crest of a Knave

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