Listening #114 The List of the Month

Sidebar 1: The List of the Month

Audiophiles of a certain age, myself included, find it difficult to forget those dreary years when mass-market magazines were all we had to read, and when the magazines in question led us to believe that their laboratory tests said everything one needed to know about a product's sound. We find it difficult to forget, and even harder to forgive—but I think it's time to finally let go. (Besides, I have yet to find a lawyer who specializes in recovering repressed audiophile memories.) So in an effort to let the healing begin, here, in alphabetical order, is a baker's dozen of audio components whose good test-bench results really did, accidentally or not, equal good sound.

13 Products Julian Hirsch Got Right

Adcom GFA-555 amplifier
Advent 300 receiver
Apt Holman preamplifier
Dynaco A-50 loudspeaker
Dynaco Stereo 70 amplifier
EPI 100 loudspeaker
Marantz 8B amplifier
Mordaunt-Short Festival 2 loudspeaker
Ortofon RS-212 tonearm
Ortofon VMS20E phono cartridge
ReVox A77 tape deck
Snell Type J loudspeaker
Thorens TD160 turntable

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