Lindemann & Stello USB-S/PDIF converters Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Digital Sources: dCS Puccini SACD/CD player; Benchmark DAC 1, Musical Fidelity X-24K D/A converters; dCS U-Clock, Bel Canto USB Link 24/96 USB-S/PDIF converters; G4 Mac mini running OS10.4.11, Shuttle PC with dual-core AMD Athlon processor running Windows 7.
Preamplifier: Simaudio Moon Evolution P-8.
Power Amplifier: Simaudio Moon Evolution W-7.
Integrated Amplifier: NAD M2 Direct Digital.
Loudspeakers: Aerial 20T V2, Focal Maestro Utopia.
Cables: Digital: Stereovox XV2 electrical S/PDIF, Belkin Gold USB. Interconnect (balanced): AudioQuest Wild. Speaker: AudioQuest Kilimanjaro & Wild. AC: PS Audio Lab, manufacturers' own.
Accessories: Target TT-5 equipment racks; Ayre Myrtle Blocks; ASC Tube Traps, RPG Abffusor panels; Shunyata Research Dark Field cable elevators; PS Audio Power Plant 300 at 90Hz (preamp), Audio Power Industries 116 Mk.II & PE-1, APC S-15 AC line conditioners (not power amps). AC power comes from two dedicated 20A circuits, each just 6' from the breaker box.—John Atkinson

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