Lindell AMPX power amplifier Review System

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I put the AMPX into the system I wrote about in my August 2013 columnParasound Halo CD 1 CD player, Bricasti M1 DAC, Opera Callas speakers—checked all the connections, turned down the volume on the Bricasti, and pressed the AMPX's power switch. Nothing blew up, which is always a relief.—John Marks

Company Info
Lindell Audio
US distributor: RAD Distribution
PO Box 748
Tallman, NY 10982
(914) 523-5247
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Audreal PA-20


I have been told that Lindell credit Audreal for the design and manufacturing of the AMPX and I was wondering how the Audreal PA-20 differs from the AMPX.  Does the Lindell have that claimed A/B headroom that the PA-20 claims to have? Are they essentially sonically the same?



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I am sorry, this is absolutely the first I have heard of that!

I can't look into this for perhaps a month, but, you could always ask Lindell or their US importer.

I of course was unaware of the other amp until JA forwarded your post to me.


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Will do, Thanks John!

Will do, Thanks John!

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