Last Night

Nicolas Jaar: "Love You Gotta Lose Again"
Actress: R.I.P.
Tim Hecker: Ravedeath, 1972
Zomby: Where Were You in '92?
Nicolas Jaar: "Don't Break My Love"
Jay-Z: Decoded
The Wire, The Fader, The Stereophile
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Patrick Butler's picture
Great lineup.  I really

Great lineup.  I really enjoyed the Tom Hecker release.   

Last night's run through two airports was Nadja's Touched.  Definitely need better headphones. 

mattcuttler's picture
great selection. need to get

great selection. need to get ravedeath on vinyl.

i picked up the Actress record on Tuesday. now listening through a rega rp-1, marantz pm5004 and wharfedale diamond 10.1, thanks to all the wonderful information on this site. AMAZING!

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