Lansche–Ypsilon–Aaudio Imports

Blues singer Jimmie Lee Robinson was singing when I entered the Aaudio Imports room, his jingling spurs sounding preternaturally real on the 6’-tall Lansche Audio 7 speakers ($108,000/pair). Like the Lansche 5.1 that I reviewed in July, the 7 uses an RF-energized corona tweeter to produce clean, transparent-sounding highs. Amplification was the new Ypsilon SET100 monoblocks ($125,000/pair) with a tubed Ypsilon PST-100 Mk.II preamp and tubed VPS-100 phono preamp, these two both favorites of Mr. AnalogPlanet, Michael Fremer.

Analog source in this room was the Bergmann Sleipner air-bearing, vacuum-holddown turntable and parallel-tracking tonearm ($54,000) from Denmark, fitted with a Lyra Atlas phono cartridge. Despite its over-familiarity, Harry Belafonte’s Carnegie Hall concert on LP sounded on this system as good as I have heard.

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Pro-Audio-Tech's picture
Nice Sound

Warm yet no lack of detail was what caught my interest. Expensive but oh well...

The turntable looked great high quality yet understated.

One of the better sounding rooms I thought.

corrective_unconscious's picture
The photo is hilarious

It looks like the $400k system, or whatever, was setup in a utility hallway.

Whether it sounded great or not I think my eye would be drawn to that door. Should I exit there at the end of the demo? Is the door alarmed? What is on the other side? Wilson Audio? Perhaps a nether realm where Mike Kay will great me just prior to ejecting me....

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