Krell KRS-2 preamplifier Specifications

Sidebar: Specifications

Description: Two-chassis preamplifier (with psu transformers in third box). Frequency range: DC–1.5MHz. Maximum output: 15V. Output impedance: 6 ohms.
Dimensions: 19" W x 12" D x 2.25" H (preamp and psu), 3.5" W x 13" D x 2" H (transformers).
Price: $4500 (1987); no longer available (2012).
Manufacturer: Krell Industries, Milford, CT 06460 (1987); Krell Industries, 45 Connair Road, Orange, CT 06477-3650 (2012). Tel: (203) 298-4010. Fax: (203) 891-2028. Web: www.krellonline.

Krell Industries
45 Connair Road
Orange, CT 06477-3650
(203) 298-4010

zvidovic's picture


Thanks for great review of this preamp, I wish I can share some more info of same preamp. I own this piece for more then ten years, and three years ago I decided to "upgrade" my preamp. What I did was that knowing it was 20 years old replaced all electrolitic capacitors in preamp signal chasis and completly swaped wires. I put inside all "Cardas" 17 gage. and all black gate capacitors. All this resulted in huge improvement. I wish you would be surprised as well. You would be able to compare it now with top of high-end players. Send me your email for some pictures.





Audiolinear's picture


I also own this préamp since several years .If there is anyway to improve the performances I would be interested in exchanging with you on the subject and receive the pictures. My email is

thank you in advance


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