Krell KPE & KPE Reference phono preamplifiers Wes Phillips' Associated Equipment

Sidebar 3: Wes Phillips' Associated Equipment

Analog Front-End: VPI TNT Mk.III turntable, VPI JMW Memorial tonearm, van den Hul Grasshopper or Transfiguration Temper phono cartridges.
Preamplifiers: Krell KRC-HR, Conrad-Johnson Premier Fourteen.
Power Amplifiers: Conrad-Johnson Premier Twelve, Krell Audio Standard monoblocks.
Loudspeakers: Hales Concept Five, MartinLogan SL-3.
Interconnects: MIT balanced 350, Cardas balanced phono.
Speaker Cables: Kimber Black Pearl, MIT 850, AudioQuest Crystal/Argent bi-wire.
Accessories: The Shelf by Black Diamond Racing, Mark 3 (equipment) and Mark 4 (speakers) Cones from Black Diamond Racing.
Room Treatment: RPG Abffusors; ASC Tube Traps, Bass Traps, Studio Traps, Slim Traps; Black Feline Furball amplifier massdamping.—Wes Phillips

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