Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum moving-coil cartridge Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Low-output, moving-coil phono cartridge. Stylus: specially designed and ground for Koetsu. Output: 200µV (1kHz, 5cm/s). Internal impedance: 5 ohms. Frequency range: 20Hz–100kHz. Channel separation: >30dB/1kHz. Channel balance: within 0.5dB/1kHz. Recommended VTF: 1.8–2.0gm. Recommended loading: 5–100k ohms. Compliance: medium-low. Recommended tonearm: medium-high mass.
Price: $5500. Approximate number of dealers: 30.
Manufacturer: Koetsu, Kyoto, Japan. Distributor: Musical Surroundings, Inc., 5856 College Avenue, Suite 146, Oakland, CA 94618. Tel: (510) 420-0379. Fax: (510) 420-0392. Web: www.musicalsurroundings.com.

Company Info
Distributor: Musical Surroundings
5856 College Avenue, Suite 146
Oakland, CA 94618
(510) 420-0379
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