Kiseki Blue Goldspot Phono Cartridge Specifications

Sidebar: Specifications

Description: Low-output, medium-compliance, moving-coil cartridge. Nominal output: 0.4mV. Internal impedance: 5.3 ohms. Channel balance at 1kHz: ±0.25dB. Channel separation at 1kHz: 30dB. Tracking force: 1.8–2.0gm. Cartridge weight: 11.4gm. Stylus type: hyper-elliptical, 0.3 x 0.7 mil radii. VTA: 20°.
Serial number of sample tested: 2013.
Price: $700 (1992); not available in the US (2014). Approximate number of dealers: 25 (1992).
Manufacturer: Kiseki/Durob Audio BV, PO Box 109, 5250 AC Vlijmen, The Netherlands. Tel: 31 (0)73 511 2555. Fax: 31 (0)73 511 7583. Web US Distributor: Sumiko, Berkeley, CA 94705 (1992). Not currently distributed in the US (2014).

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Nice stereotypes there Dick! What's next? How about "Meso horny"...

Oh well, this article was written way, WAY back in 1992. The world was different back then. Although, a democrat was President...

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