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Kef Q900 vs Tannoy Revolution DC6T SE for living room open to the kitchen.

I am debating the Kef Q900 vs the Tannoy Revolution DC6T SE for my living room. We have a very open floor plan and it is basically a large rectangle that combine the kitchen and living room into one large room with a low ceiling. I have a Jolida 75 watt hybrid amp with a Nuwave DAC.

Both have great reviews. Due to the size of the room my concern is that the Tannoy only has two 6" drivers vs the Kef with 3 8" drivers. Both have comprable sensitivity. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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The Q900 has such a good bass response that almost no one would find a subwoofer to be needed.

9 out of 10 people will end up wanting a subwoofer with the Tannoy speakers (sooner or

Personally, I am not a huge fan of the Q900 speakers, but they are certainly good speakers; it's a matter of whether you like their tonal balance or not.

I think that the PSB Image T6 is a better-sounding speaker overall, and if you get those and add a NHT B12D subwoofer you would have a superb system for about the same price. Both the Absolute Sound and Stereophile picked the Image T6 as best of class and recommended them for system packages repeatedly,

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