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Jan Vigne
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Re: Jokes
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Re: Jokes

For March 17:

What's Irish and stays outside all winter?

Patio Furniture (Paddy O'Furniture.)

Why did God invent whiskey?

So the Irish wouldn't rule the world.

What's green and smells like blue paint?

Green paint!


Mary Fitzpatrick is in her back yard in Dublin haning her laundry one morning when her neighbor Mary Fitzmichael spies her and comes up to the fence to chat.

"Top o' the morning to you, Mary. How are you this fine day?"

Mary replies, "Oh, Mary, 'tis the finest day o' me life. You know my son, Michael, the one who's been in prison these last 23 years? Well, they are going to release him early on account of good behavior!"

The other woman gives a solemn look and says, "Mary, you must be truly proud to have such a fine son."


My grammy was an O'Connor, of the Dublin O'Connors, so I'm allowed.

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Re: Jokes


My grammy was an O'Connor, of the Dublin O'Connors, so I'm allowed.

Don't worry about it, since Irish people are White Europeans they are fair game as long as the politically correct are concerned.


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