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The Jimi Standard
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Jimi Standard

Seesm like a fairly reasonably article, although it should probably be mentioned that Hendrix's Voodoo Chile, Slight Refrain or many other tracks on Electric Ladyland sound very good on just about any system, including the bog standard ones from the 1970s. Another quibble with the author of the article: he comments that Machine Gun on Live at Filmore East sounds surprisingly good considering the recording was made around 1970. Geez, Luise, didn't many of the classic albums of that period actually DEFINE how recordings should be made? Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy, Beatles' White Album, The Who - Live at Leeds, The Doors' Morrison Hotel and L.A. Woman, to name just a few. Hendrix's own Axis - Bold as Love is not exactly chopped liver. By the way, the Hendrix family remasters that were released in the 90s are, well, how should I put it, UNbelievable!

Geoff Kait
Machinegun Dynamica

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au contraire

The Jimi standard simply states:

"If your speaker (or system) can't faithfully reproduce the soul, passion, dynamics, air and three dimensionality found in one of the three Jimi Hendrix studio records - then your speakers/system simply sucks."

I think that includes Axis-Bold as Love :-)

The author's point was simply that recordings from that era _are great recordings_ compared to the dribble that is currently be used for reference.

And I disagree with your premise that these recordings still sound good on almost _any_ system, particularly many megabuck systems foisted as being...'high-end'. Perhaps we have moved in the wrong direction from the bog standard systems of old?


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Remasters are the answer

I had to replace all my beloved Hendrix CD's with Remasters.

If you do this, you will be very pleased.

Mark Evans

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