Jeff Joseph with the Perspective

In defining what is the maximum cost of “mid-priced” speaker, which was my assignment at the Show, I had tentatively settled on $10,000/pair. Jeff Joseph Audio’s Perspective, still undergoing tweaking, at a projected price of $11, 800/pair, exceeds that self-imposed maximum, but the speaker sounded so good, and Jeff Joseph was so obliging in hamming it up, that I just had to include it in my blog and take Jeff’s picture. JA, you can write up a sub-$10k speaker in return.

Demmed with Bel Canto DAC3.5 and Ref.500 power amps, hooked up with Cardas Clear Beyond, the floorstanding perspective combines the same tweeter used in Joseph's top-of-the-line Pearl and the stand-mounted Pulsar with two of the Pulsar woofers. The bottom woofer rolls off earlier the midrange so that only the upper woofer crosses over to the tweeter.

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