Jecklin Float electrostatic headphones Specifications

Sidebar: Specifications

Description: AC-powered electrostatic headphones. Maximum spl: 110dB. Distortion: <0.5%. Cable length: 3m.
Weight: 600gm.
Serial number of review sample: 730150 (1975); not noted (1987).
Price: $300 (1975); $650 (1987); €1395, headphones, €1395, power supply (2013). Aprroximate number of dealers; 50 (1987); sold direct (2013).
Manufacturer: Jecklin, Switzerland. Us distributor: Mark Levinson Audio Systems, Woodbridge, CT (1975); May Audio Marketing, Champlain, NY (1987); QUAD Musikwiedergabe GmbH, Brunnenstrasse 57, 56751 Gering, Germany (2013). Tel: (49) (0) 2654 987977. Web:

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1audio1's picture

I'm sorry - I can't stop laughing. Please post photos of anyone who would buy these. Thanks.

thomasrhee's picture

A bit early for April Fool's, don't you think?

mjazz's picture

These sound really good. Especially the new ones made by Quad Germany. [url deleted by Moderator -- did not work)

Krang's picture

Ha ha just noticed the post date.
Nice try

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