JA on Voltage Sensitivity

Here we see John Atkinson giving a karate chop to the problem of inaccurately stated voltage sensitivities. Hi-ya!

Problem: Loudspeakers are not flat, so manufacturers specify the most-overoptimistic figure they can find.

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soulful.terrain's picture
missed this

My only regret is that I missed this lesson from John. I'm sure it was extremely informative.


Glotz's picture
Why can't we all see this?

I would love it if this is on YouTube. Perhaps JA can create a comprehensive DVD series like Mikey?! Might be a nice project that would educate a new fan base, as well as shutting up the Flat Earthers. Sell them and create a new renaissance in audio!

soulful.terrain's picture
GREAT idea Glotz

Yes! put it on Youtube! :-)

Ali's picture
put it in you tube

put it in you tube. put it in you tube. put it in you tube...

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