Isophon Europa II loudspeaker Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog source: Linn Sondek-Lingo turntable, Linn Ittok tonearm, Spectral moving-coil cartridge.
Digital sources: Krell KRC-28 CD player, Sony SCD-C555ES SACD/CD multichannel player.
FM tuners: Day-Sequerra Classic, McIntosh MR-78, Sony ST-5000.
Preamplification: Mark Levinson ML-7 preamplifier with L3A moving-coil phono cards, Duntech MX-10 head amplifier, Margulis phono section, Krell KCT preamplifier.
Power amplifiers: Mark Levinson ML-2 monoblocks & No.334, Krell FPB 600c.
Loudspeakers: Quad ESL-989, Velodyne DD-18 subwoofer.
Cables: Interconnect: Red Rose Silver Ones, Krell CAST, Levinson Silver single-ended, Bryston balanced. Speaker: Mark Levinson HFC 10, PSC Pristine R50 biwire double ribbon, Ultralink Excelsior 6N OFHC, Coincident Speaker Technology CST 1.—Larry Greenhill

US distributor: Symcore Technologies
10855 NW 33rd Street
Miami, FL 33172
(786) 845-6818
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