i-Fi from Avatar Acoustics & AMR

I ran into Avatar Acoustics’ Darren Censullo, who was buzzing with enthusiasm and excitement over the new i-Fi Micro line of components. And rightfully so.

The i-Fi Micro products—there’s a DAC, a headphone amp, a power supply, a phono preamp, and more on the way—utilize technology tricked down from AMR’s state-of-the-art products, but place it in small, attractive packages, with far more attractive prices: $299 for the iDac, $249 for the iCan headphone amp, $199 for the iUSB Power Plant, and $399 for the surprisingly versatile iPhono MM/MC phono preamp.

Michael Lavorgna went home with the iDac, Michael Fremer went home with the iPhono, and I went home with…well, I’m just really tired now and can’t think of anything funny to say. But I’m looking forward to their reviews!

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ppgr's picture

...with the flue?

Regadude's picture

...I went home with Jessica! yes



alan@audioexcellenceaz.com's picture

....cool gear. Beautiful industrial design, and full-featured functionality as well.  The phono stage even has switchable RIAA curves (!!) via a toggle, plus cartridge loading via a mouse click. Brilliant, as the Brits say.

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