HRT MicroStreamer USB DAC Sweepstakes

Register to win a HRT MicroStreamer USB DAC (MSRP $189.95) we are giving away.

According to the company:

microStreamer is a USB-connected and powered ultra high-performance dedicated  amplifier/sound card designed to seamlessly interface with computers, tablets, smart-phones and directly decode the digital audio data stream from the host’s hard drive into analog music for headphone or speaker listening. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and light enough to carry in a shirt pocket, the microStreamer is the newest and sexiest product in HRT's line of award winning DACs. 

When music is digitized, it is ‘compressed’ into a digital format of ones and zeros – the job of decompressing the music and turning the ones and zeros back into sound is usually done by a computer but because computers are built to do a lot of things, sound is not their top priority. Cheap sound cards are used to keep prices down so the music you hear coming out of your computer is not complete – there is a loss of sound.  microStreamer was developed to reverse this loss of sound.  It takes over the job of processing and decoding the music from your computer – so you end up with sound as it was meant to be heard – clean, clear, loud and present. 

The microStreamer was made for anyone who wants better sound coming out of their computer.  It can be used for music, movies or games.  The microStreamer will bring the listener a more full, present and inside experience. 

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

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texanalog's picture
HRT MicroStreamer USB DAC Sweepstakes

I would love to have one of these!!!

chris huys's picture
looks useful

why not!!

jimtavegia's picture
Thanks for the chance.

This would certainly improve my sorry HP desktop. 

mcdontho's picture

Awesome companion for my momentum!

morpheus1988wer's picture

The last piece missing i my setup...

warrenpchi's picture
HRT MicroStreamer USB DAC Sweepstakes

The MicroStreamer sounds amazing.  I had a chance to hear it at T.H.E. Show in Newport, and mind = blown.  Thanks for the opportunity Stereophile!

acawaigmail's picture
Thanks for the contests.

I'll need to replace my Bithead someday. Why not a MicroStreamer?

stevo's picture
hrt me

nice little unit, that one

jiminlogansquare's picture
Will gift this to a good friend

I have a good friend and colleague who has never had good stereo sound in his home; I'd like to give him this as a start.

mikerr's picture

This is exactly what I need right now.

Thanks !

tiberius1023's picture

Never seen this before, but sounds great.

onkyo 626

markbrauer's picture

Please change.

capdever's picture

Awesome. I would love to give this a go. I have some other HRT equipment and I'm rather fond of it.

eefymon's picture

Can't wait to try one out!

KDub's picture
H R T yeah

Please let me have this. I want it very much thank you.

paugustinos's picture
Good move

My rig used to be totally CD based.  Right now I'm working on vinyl.  I think winning this DAC would be the perfect way to balance out retro with modern.

jnani's picture
Maybe this time

One day my HRT will come in.

martian's picture
Would be a welcome upgrade

Would quite enjoy an update to my current, very cheap DAC.

ftzoeckler's picture
Count me in!

The HRT MicroStreamer would be Sweet!

king fook's picture

Oh, go on then...

JohnnyR's picture
Dis Dac is Deliteful

Send it to me. I'll not go BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

jpbas1's picture
Would love to hear it....


imanpaul's picture
HRT MicroStreamer USB DAC


badboy07's picture
Por favor!

Broke audio/technophile in ever-increasing need of more gear!

chaco1's picture
Count Me In...Please!


curly21029's picture
Thanks for the opportunity!

I would love to see how this compares to my AQ D-fly.

quiller's picture
Very Cool!


cclragnarok's picture

I can really use one of these things.

noggers's picture

Let me win this little guy.

mojofoto's picture
I'd love one


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