HRT MicroStreamer USB DAC Sweepstakes

Register to win a HRT MicroStreamer USB DAC (MSRP $189.95) we are giving away.

According to the company:

microStreamer is a USB-connected and powered ultra high-performance dedicated  amplifier/sound card designed to seamlessly interface with computers, tablets, smart-phones and directly decode the digital audio data stream from the host’s hard drive into analog music for headphone or speaker listening. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and light enough to carry in a shirt pocket, the microStreamer is the newest and sexiest product in HRT's line of award winning DACs. 

When music is digitized, it is ‘compressed’ into a digital format of ones and zeros – the job of decompressing the music and turning the ones and zeros back into sound is usually done by a computer but because computers are built to do a lot of things, sound is not their top priority. Cheap sound cards are used to keep prices down so the music you hear coming out of your computer is not complete – there is a loss of sound.  microStreamer was developed to reverse this loss of sound.  It takes over the job of processing and decoding the music from your computer – so you end up with sound as it was meant to be heard – clean, clear, loud and present. 

The microStreamer was made for anyone who wants better sound coming out of their computer.  It can be used for music, movies or games.  The microStreamer will bring the listener a more full, present and inside experience. 

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

jamesk's picture

Looks cool. Would to try a dac.

torturegarden's picture

I would love one of these.

brandoh73's picture

Would love to have one of these!!

donahewj's picture

looks great hope to win

bprochford's picture

I'd love a new portable DAC

TwoChannelJunkie's picture

This would make an excellent birthday gift for me!

Rosdilp's picture

DAC (Determine a Champion)

chunk23's picture

I have yet to fully try this, so this would be good.

Pjay's picture


SnowmaNick's picture

Yes please.  Thank you.

deftoejam's picture

looks good!

freddiek40's picture


George Napalm's picture


fvelasco's picture


stevieieie's picture

That looks pretty cool

alexwgoody's picture

I need a portable dac

ms142's picture

Look forward to a review (though I don't mind getting it as a gift before that...)

Stirrio's picture

And thank you!

om05964's picture

This would be great for travel

dalethorn's picture

The MicroStreamer might surprise its new owner with just how good it is. I found the sound to be a hair better than the Dragonfly and Audioengine D1.

noirx7's picture

OK Ready to win something!

kchamblin's picture

I can't wait! 

this's picture

This would work well.

WillWeber's picture


Music_Guy's picture

I [heart] HRT Microstreamer!!!

'Would love to love one up close.

timdoug's picture

Pick me.

jlburad66's picture

So do everyone commenting here I guess.  ;)

EricJ's picture

I'll take it!

HearMeNow's picture

In the research phase of buying my first DAC now.

hartn046's picture

Very nice


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