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How can this be possible? Better than hospital grade, better PLASTIC!!!!

I am bewildered. all the cable gurus tell me that THEY have the finast pieces of wires. Through THEIR research and hours and hours of development. Yet, this place is telling me, THEY have the answer, and it SMOKES (bad terminolgy for wiring devices) those well known high priced Shunyatatatatata, PS Audio (whoses DVD Charcoal to ColdTrain, is baaaaaaad, MF sounds like a lune, if he didn't spend $100K on a TT, he could own a house and not live in an appartment!!! and PS description of the BIG BANG electron deal is friggin FUNNY)

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Re: How can this be possible? Better than hospital grade, better

Gee, how could anyone have not thought of this...22 guage, single conductor telephone cable and an antique AC plug. Connect this to a modern day plastic (not metal) power strip and you get instant audio improvement. Is that me or the AC humming?

Hey, DUP, with the guage of wire they use "SMOKES" is an appropriate warning.

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