Hill Plasmatronics Type 1 loudspeaker Manufacturer's Comment

Manufacturer's Comment

Thank you for a very fine report on the Type 1. Other listeners, too, have commented on the impression of brightness that the system gives with some program material, so we are making available as an optional factory add-on a switch such as JGH proposed. It still bothers me to have to do this, though, for the system is< flat in response according to every measurement one can make, and it seems almost criminal to equip a high-accuracy reproducer with what amounts to a fidelity killer.—Alan Hill PhD

Reviewer's addendum:
Our own experience, through all these years, has been that point-source transducers (such as the Plasmatronics) that measure flat at the high end have invariably sounded tipped-up at the high end. We will be indebted to any reader who can shed light on that little niche of darkness.

Why we can sympathize with Dr. Hill's reluctance to "cripple" the high-fidelity potential of his speaker system—an act that has been colorfully likened to lighting afire and then pissing on it—we do not see how a "fidelity switch" would impair the value of the system as a reference standard for program evaluation. If the user agreed with Dr. Hill that the system is indeed more accurate without the switch, it could always be turned off when one desired for evaluative purposes rather than for enjoyment.—J. Gordon Holt

Plasmatronics, Inc.
Albuquerque, NM 87106 (1979)
Company no longer in existence (2014)
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