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Highest quality CD burning software for Windows??


I am looking to burn my 400 CDs to a hard drive.

What is the best choice for ripping the CDS to the hard drive for both audio quality, error correction and ease of use??

Also for computer playback what is the best software to use?




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WMA(Lossless) may be the most flexible format

"wma(lossless)" format may be the most flexible choice. It's lossless and supported widely. It has slightly better compression than FLAC. Forget about error correction. If you have error correction problem, your hard disk is useless. Windows Media Player support ripping using "wma(lossless)" format. Wma(Lossless) can be played on Foobar2000. Most media players will support wma(lossless).

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quality burning software

EAC (Exact Audio Copy) is widely considered to be one of the best "ripping" applications available. It does bit perfect ripping. It will reread a CD multiple times to ensure "bit-perfect" copies. It's also available as a free download. You have nothing to lose by giving it a try. IMO it's an order of magnitude better than Windows Media Player.

I use EAC to rip any and all my CDs to my music server. I also use the FLAC add on for it. It will also rip to WMA, MP3 or just about any file type you specify. Using EAC and FLAC I've ripped all my CDs (1500+) to a 1TB HDD. It's little over half full. I use another 1TB drive as a mirror/backup.

I don't like the interface in Foobar. So, for playback I use Nightingale instead. IMO it's nicer looking and slightly easier to navigate. You can also try JRiver software. It's full media software that plays audio and video files. You can download it and try It free for 30 days. If you like it, pay $50 for a full license after the trial period. It's been very favorably reviewed

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CD Information

When you choose Ripping S/W, the first think you should consider is that how good CD information (such as album title, song titles, artists, etc.) is provided. If not good, you could end up typing all those information manually. Windows Media Player is very good in this regard. Most CD information is automatically extracted from the Internet. You don't need to do such chores. However some CDs have wrong information. You should check each CD if they are properly provided. This problem seems comming from some CDs share CD numbers. So you could get wrong version of CDs. Except this problem, I am very happy with WMP.

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