Hi-Fi Your Computer with KEF's X300A

I got to hear KEF’s X300A powered desktop speaker ($800/pair) when I visited the company late last year. Now the system has found its way to the States. KEF's animated brand ambassador, Johan Coorg, gave a characteristically colorful demo.

The X300A uses KEF's Uni-Q point-source driver array and places twin class-A/B amplifiers and a high-quality toroidal transformer in each cabinet. Further, each speaker has an internal 24-bit/96kHz asynchronous DAC. The signal flows not through standard speaker wire, but via a "digital inter-speaker connection," or USB link. According to Coorg, this is to ensure that high-quality sound is carried through the entire signal chain.

Coorg went to a laptop and tapped a few buttons. “Wow!” said one attendee, who I believe was happily startled by the system’s drama, scale, and sheer impact.

In my experience, this was the most talked about, and universally praised, system of the show.

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