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Hello from a newbie

Hello, I recently caught the hi-fi bug when a friend gave me a Denon AVR 3000 when I expressed to him that I wanted to get into vinyl....again.

I then added a Pro-Ject Debut-Carbon turntable with upgraded acrylic platter, and some vintage Norman Lab Model 82 speakers to get started in playing vinyls. I was then told by a friend that I should upgrade my Denon AVR to a Rega Brio 3 or Rega Mira 3 to get true 2.0 sound.

I was then told from another source that a vintage McIntosh 1700 receiver is a great vintage 2.0 receiver that would rock my world. I am getting a bit confused by both recommendations. I unfortunately don't have a stereo shop that carries Rega for me to listen to.

I would like some input as to what the members of this forum thinks and recommends. I am also open to hear any speaker recommendations since I am not really that convinced by these Norman Labs 82's.

Thank yoiu

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whats your budget?...

you got $700 by any chance? i can recommend emotiva. instead of a reciever, it would be a stereo pre-amp and a stereo amplifier. the USP-1 stereo pre-amp is on sale now for $389 and the UPA-200 stereo amp (125 watts x 2 ) is on sale now for $299. i don't have any of these particular components, but i do have the now discontinued emotiva UPA-1 mono block amps and i love them. people on here recommend the USP-1 pre-amp too. i also listen to vinyl and it sounds great through these emotiva products and i expect the UPA-200's to be similar sounding. good luck.

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System recommendations

I suggest that you look at the Arcam A19, which is an excellent amplifier that is available from Audio Advisor and others.

As for the speakers, there are lots of good speakers out there, and even more that are not so good.

I would like to recommend some to you, but first tell me if you want floorstanding speakers or bookshelf-type speakers, and a price range that you are comfortable with.

Floorstanding speakers are best if you have space for them, but some people do not want speakers that large. 

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I will look into this

Mad Carl
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Newbie feeling out of place.

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