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As you may know, I was the one that gave the Hales Rev.3 a highly favorable review in Stereophile. I have fond memories of the Rev.3, and I still think of it as an outstandingly fine speaker at and well above its price. I was surprised and sorry when the company went out of business, after its acquisition by Wadia. Last I heard, Paul Hales was designing pro audio speakers.

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Hey HalesFan, I am one also. I've owned a pair of Revelation Threes for eight years now and just acquired a used pair of Transcendence Eights. Eventually, once I get moved into bigger digs, the Trans. Eights will be my fronts and the Rev. Threes will be my surrounds. I also have a Revelation Center.

Something you may want to try is raise the Rev. Threes about 3 to 4 inches off the floor. When I did this the imaging improved big time. (Hales did offer a platform with this speaker.) Evidently, raising them nullifies some of the acoustic problems caused by floor bounce. I use 4 inch cinder blocks, but anything fairly solid should do the trick.


I heard a pair of those Palladiums and did deserve to be reviewed.


Love the equipment "racks".

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