Grand Prix Audio Monaco direct-drive turntable Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Direct-drive, suspensionless turntable with DSP-controlled, brushless, 12-pole, DC motor. Speeds: 331/3rpm, 45rpm, each variable by up to ±1%, in 0.2% increments. Speed accuracy: better than 0.002% peak deviation from average speed, or a calculated 0.0014% RMS based on three-sigma statistical protocol. Wow & flutter: <0.002%. Rumble: not specified.
Dimensions: Turntable side-by-side with power supply, 24" (615mm) W by 8" (205mm) H (including feet) by 15.5" (400mm) D. Turntable alone is approximately 13" in diameter, plus the tonearm mount. Weight: 40 lbs (18.2kg).
Serial Number Of Unit Reviewed: Not noted.
Price: $19,500 with predrilled armboard. Dedicated Grand Prix Monaco stand, $4981.78 as reviewed. Approximate number of dealers: 31.
Manufacturer: Grand Prix Audio, P.O. Box 1948, Durango, CO 81302. Tel: (970) 247-3872. Fax: (970) 247-3876. Web:

Grand Prix Audio
P.O. Box 1948
Durango, CO 81302
(970) 247-3872
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