Genesis Technologies 500 loudspeaker Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: four-way loudspeakers with powered, servo-controlled woofer. Drive-units: two 1" round ribbon tweeters, one 5.5" titanium-cone midrange driver, one 6" aluminum-cone midbass coupler, three 8" metal-cone woofers. 500W G-SAT switching amplifier for the bass drivers. Crossover frequencies: 95Hz (adjustable), 300Hz, 3.6kHz. No frequency response, impedance, or sensitivity specified.
Dimensions: 44" H by 11" W by 22" D. Shipping weight: 242 lbs/pair.
Serial numbers of units reviewed: 550121, 550122.
Price: $11,500/pair. Approximate number of dealers: 10.
Manufacturer: Genesis Technologies, 936 Chambers Court, Unit B3, P.O. Box 3789, Eagle, CO 81631. Tel: (970) 328-9515. Fax: (970) 328-9522. E-mail: . Web: .

Genesis Technologies
936 Chambers Court, Unit B3
P.O. Box 3789
Eagle, CO 81631
(970) 328-9515

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