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Joined: Nov 27 2010 - 4:17pm
Forum software

Just popped back to see the results of the change in forum software a few months ago. Within the big stereophile picture, is it considered enough of an issue to consider further changes?

JoeE SP9
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I hope so.

The present format sucks big time!!!!! No attachments and no smilies are allowed. Whoever did the new format should be sued for accepting money under false pretenses.

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Last seen: 9 months 2 weeks ago
Joined: Nov 27 2010 - 4:17pm
Indeed, the new forum

Indeed, the new forum software is poor and a worse for users than the previous software. User activity has reduced since it's introduction. I suspect the people implementing the change always knew it was poor forum software (is it blog comment software adapted for forum use?) but it was part of a wider range of changes which may well have been beneficial overall.

Now that Stereophile has been able to measure the effect of the changes I was wondering if they are going to invest further and address many of the users issues by perhaps reverting to more "normal" forum format/software or perhaps continuing with the present setup and accepting a somewhat reduced role for the forum.

It is hard from the outside to judge the costs and benefits of the forum to Stereophile. Not many hi-fi publications run particularly successful forums and some that have in the past like Hi-Fi Choice have let them die.

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New forum software

I hate to judge before all the facts are in but it appears that the problem has been isolated. :-)

Geoff Kait
Machina Dynamica

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