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Floor standing speakers for music - for playing drums?

I'm looking for some tall speakers for the front R/L. They will be for music only (no TV). Basically, I listen to the music and play my drums. I suppose good bass is important. At any rate, I have a good ear and I'd like very good speakers without paying what a late model used car costs, if you know what I mean............

What's a great quality speaker for this purpose? Any input is appreciated. Thank you.

tom collins
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too broad

your request is so broad, it would be impossible to answer.  if you could include your budget and what electronics you are using, whether you want stand mounted or floor-standing, it would help the members to formulate a response for you.

best of luck

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Last seen: 4 years 1 month ago
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I'm considering floor

I'm considering floor standing speakers.  As for my budget,  well, I want to get the best bang for the buck and quality is important.  Let's say my maximum is $1500-$3000 for the pair.

I have a decent Pioneer receiver.  It puts out 100-120W per channel.  At some point I'd like to upgrade the receiver with an upscale Pioneer Elite.

I have a pair of Definative Technology ProCinima speakers.  I believe they're 1000s.  If not, I'll update later.

I have a subwoofer.  It's a monster, though I can't think what it is.  I'll update later.  That said, subwoofer or not, I'd like a pair of speakers that put out very clear and correct bass.

I hear Legacy makes great floor standing speakers, but those are about 3-4K each, so unfortunately they're out of the question. 


Thank you..

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These would be perfect for a drummer to play along with.
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