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Dynavector Systems, Ltd., 2-16-15 Iwamoto-cho Chiyoda-ku. Tokyo, Japan 101-0032. Tel: 81 (0)3-3861-4341. Fax: 81 (0)3-3862-1650. Web:

US distributor: Dynavector USA, 8116 Gravois Road, St. Louis, MO 63123. Tel: (314) 454-9966. Web:

Music Direct, 318 N. Laflin Street, Chicago, IL 60607. Tel: (312) 433-0200. Fax: (312) 433-0011. Web:


Devil Doc's picture

When compared to getting your computer to download, store and play, properly, hi-rez music. A twelve year old could do it. In fact we did...regularly. ;>)


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JohnnyR's picture

Yeah turning on a computer and downloading music SURE is difficult. *eye roll* Then getting it to play too........whew! 

No what you did as a 12 year old was to put a record on the turntable and hit the lever  and that's it.

Devil Doc's picture

Not only are you obnoxious, but you seem to have a latent sense of humor.


himynameisjuan's picture

One has more reverence for something when it's fragile and finicky. I don't see how that's a problem.

And as an aside, I'm glad I got a music hall over a Rega, though I'll probably be completely clueless when it comes to upgrading my phono cartridge.

PeterHH's picture

That was funny! Made me laugh out loud!

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