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Definitive Technology: 11433 Cronridge Drive, Suite K, Owings Mills, MD 21117-2294. Tel: (410) 363-7148. Fax: (410) 363-9998. Web:

Timbre Sound, LLC, dba Thinksound, 350 Route 108, Suite 204, Somersworth, NH 03878. Web:


volvic's picture

So do all items that appear on the front cover have to go to New Mexico to be photographed?


John Atkinson's picture

So do all items that appear on the front cover have to go to New Mexico to be photographed?

Yes. Photographer Eric Swanson and Art Director Natalie Brown-Baca, both of whom are based in Santa Fe, have been creating Stereophile's covers for getting on for 20 years now.

Photographs inside the magazine are mainly provided by the manufacturers of the products reviewed, with occasional images taken by Art Dudley, Stephen Mejias, and myself.

John Atkinson

Editor, Stereophile

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Well then let me tell you that they are so nice that I sometimes wish the magazine was much larger so that I could appreciate them (photos) even more.  I still remember that beautiful white Canton Karat on the front cover.  Have wanted one ever since.


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Hi Stephen, very handy you reviewed both the ms01 and ts02 from Thinksound.  My cheap Sony replacements for my cheaper Apple earbuds died on the way to Music Midtown Festival 2012 in Atlanta last week (ironic huh?).  I said when they did, I would move up to the $100 realm for earbuds.  Based on Stereophile reading, have ruled out Klipsh, Etymotic and Shure... Thinksound it is!   Can you descirbe some differences that would push me to the ms01 over the ts02, as you seemed to rave about those in your review and at $79.99 are $40 cheaper. 

Thanks, Scott

audioforce's picture

I'm personally a big fan of the Thinksound ts02, and a lot of other reviewers seem to like them too. For example, I saw the other day that Headphones Unboxed have listed them as one of the top 3 earbuds. What I like about them is that they not only sound good, but are also made of wood and environmental friendly. How awesome is that? The same is true for ms01, I wish the review would mention that.

zikus's picture

what i love about thinksound ms01 is the natural look and its long cord. Though ts02 is another monster which i believe have over-ride ms01 in sound quality and production. Though sometime ago I came across a reviewer in jukemania drawing up comparison for them. Personally i will give it up to ts02.

thisgirlneedsbass's picture

Personally, the way i see it, the Thinksound Tso2's definitely outperfrom the ms01's not only in bass response, but gives a better all around tone response. Generally, most experts and user reviews tend to agree. Unelss you know what you should be looking for in a good pair of earphones, it may be hard to tell. Check out pricenfees they have some good lists when it comes to headphones and earphones. They both look similar and are roughly the same price - may as well go for the better of the two.

johnarrow's picture

I purchased these couple of months ago and couldn't be happier. They are not the commercial well known brands like beats, jaybirds or similar popular headphones mentioned in most review sites.
They way I see this folks spend money on the product and not in the marketing itself, so dont get fooled by those fancy Ads, trust your ears, not the celebrity promoting them

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